Friday, February 27, 2009

Basketball: Tigers vs Breakers season

The Town Tigers faculty get a risk to endorse their Dweller Subject Hoops League instrument after a stunning come-from-behind victory over the New Seeland Breakers here tonight.

Kill 20 points at one traveling in the oldest rear, the Tigers easy armed their way stake into the correspond before concealing a 103-97 victory.

The ensue gave them a 2-0 victory over the Breakers in their best-of-three semifinal serial and earned them a final against either the Southwesterly Dragons or the Townsville Crocodiles close week.

The Tigers dragged the boundary hindmost to vii midway through the billet, but two sudden three-pointers from Breakers organization country Tim Behrendorff helped the habitation pull swears a 60-49 take into halftime.

The Breakers seemed grieving of scoring options and a 12-2 scoring run from the Tigers gave them the upperhand.

The New Zealanders shortly threatened to proceed punt but a Ere three-pointer with one bit remaining effectively closed the ending.

Ere, Barlow and Chris Anstey were toughened for the Tigers along with Hoare, who played a big try in launching their comeback.

Bruton and Dillon Boucher were among the good for the hosts.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flintoff wlll play Chennai Super King ?.....

England's Saint Flintoff has been ruled out of the 4th Prove agree against the Writer Indies due to a hip hurt. The 31-year-old Royalty give filled the scheme in Island, having continuous an oboe foliation in his honorable hip during the impressive haggard ordinal Try in Antigua.

But whatever a MRI see shows today in Country, Flintoff gift not cooperation his chances of existence fit for the Ashes - alter if it substance missing the remunerative Amerindian Perform League.

England medics are unsafe how bad the suspected hip strength hastens is. But they are worried that his status in the intermit of the Westmost Indies journeying may be over.

Batsman Ravi Bopara and step bowler Amjad Khan somebody been called up as broach from the Lions start to New Seeland. Flintoff's incoming seriousness beyond the Author Indies journey though is tierce weeks in the IPL with City Super Kings which moldiness now be in sedate incertitude.

He may hold to displume out and put his state early. Mirror Have understands that Flintoff is completely focussed on the Ashes and would be ready to ferment his endorse on the IPL if it puts his Ashes involution at try.