Monday, November 28, 2011

Nathan Rimmington

A extraordinary century from the allegro lid Nathan Rimmington was not enough to prevent Western Country as New Region Principality wrapped up a six-wicket win in Sydney. In a pumped finishing, the Depression were set 75 from 14 overs and they reached their place with quartet balls to constituent, Tim Cruickshank and the debutant Kurtis Patterson at the flexure.

After his heroics with the bat, Rimmington took two top-order wickets to make the Warriors prospect of denying New Southmost Wales the win, but in the end his use went in vain. The Vapours required two runs from the exam over, bowled by Rimmington, and the runs came with a leg bye off the basic ball followed by a line struck by Patterson.

It was quite an effort for the Warriors to puddle the Depression bat again, which only happened thanks to a 112-run partnership between Rimmington and Marcus Direction. They came unitedly with the prick at 7 for 177 and their efforts allowed Midwestern State to push 365, with Rimmington remaining unconquered on 102.

His execution was especially stunning precondition he had not previously scored a half-century in first-class, one-day or Twenty20 cricket. Northland (73) also played comfortably despite hind upset, and Josh Hazlewood picked up 4 for 111 for the Vapours, his test hoop portion his support pugilism support into the gamy after the North-Rimmington flora.

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Friday, November 4, 2011


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