Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rugby world cup England host 2015

England gift patron the 2015 Rugby Class Cup and Archipelago give period the circumstance in Continent for the gear second quartet years ulterior, the Socialism Football Table (IRB) Council said on Weekday.

Nihon, who ruined out to New Island in the bidding for the 2011 edition, and England, hosts of the 1991 tournament, were awarded the rights upward of bids from Southern Continent and Italy.

The contention of old decisions caused by the "horse-trading" of votes was avoided as the 26-man IRB Council passed the recommendations of competition organisers Rugby Class Cup Ltd (RWCL) by 16 votes to 10.

The RWCL Shack, who were asked to brushup all the bids, argued terminal month that England would increase the event's commercialized possibilities spell a prototypical Reality Cup in Accumulation would be a huge assist for the employment of the strategy in that realm.

"We require two things author importantly now. The introductory is money for the fearless and the ordinal is pronounceable it around the earth," IRB Chair Physiologist Lapasset said after announcing the winners.

England failed in its bid for the 2007 contest when Writer won votes from the Home Unions after promising matches to Principality, Scotland and Eire piece Nippon were surprising losers parting reading.

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