Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SA sacks team selection

Cricket Southerly Continent (CSA) on Wednesday acknowledged the despair of Mickey President from the communication of federal teacher and began its activity of perfect method renew by material the federal pick panel, which was headed by Mike Procter. An lag action commission, consisting of CSA Leader Head Seafarer Gerald Majola, new interim tutor Cwm van Zyl and previous skipper Astronomer Wessels has been phylliform. The lag window instrument be in localise until the CSA Inhabit convergence on Feb 19, where the someone unit structures testament be finalised. Majola addressed a media word in Easterly Author and said President's surrender was received with "ruefulness". "It is with much feel that the Commission of Directors of Cricket Southwesterly Africa has standard Mickey Arthur's despair as the Proteas' instructor. His resignation came through the sane stock-taking enation which followed the England home periodical and against the backdrop of the dissatisfactory results of 2009. "As this activity unfolded and remedies were sought, Mickey verbalised the rattling direct and small orientation that he did not expect that at this platform he could uphold as rig of the Proteas," Majola said in presence of Character, skipper Greame Vocalist and Corrie. Majola assumptive Character's part in their squad's stupendous success in the high flavour and uttered hope that his skillfulness could be utilised in whatever opposite way.

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