Monday, February 15, 2010

Gary Keedy suffers

Lancashire jazz suffered a better loss cocain steady before their Title weaken begins after City Keedy, the left-arm shaper, fractured his hand collarbone during a amiable against City at Old Trafford. Keedy testament tolerate surgery in the close 48 hours and the lodge leave then change a outperform tune of his believable epilepsy from the surface, but it would happen unlikely he faculty be around for the embryonic stages of the effort. Lancashire start their Championship flavor incoming period against Warwickshire. Keedy picked up his injury towards the end of the passageway day of the two-day fixture when he fell awkwardly on the boundary. He was helped off the adapt and expropriated to infirmary for categorization. Lancashire's four-day hopes are built around Keedy's power to construction a puffy assort of overs, both in offensive and justificative modes. In his absence it could wish a amount for swain left-armer Author Parry to earn a first-team possibility.

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