Friday, March 26, 2010

Canada Cricket

Ranjit Saini, the newly-elected chairwoman of Canada Cricket, has found himself in the interior of scuttlebutt with constabulary investigating allegations that more than $100,000 is absent from the Maple Sheet Cricket hit in Toronto, where Saini was chairwoman between 2007 and 2009. Pandit Maharaj, the underway chairwoman of the lodge, filed a complaint with law on Dissent 19, claiming the finances were away from the structure form along with around 150 cheque stubs. Saini, notwithstanding, insists he is in no way obligated for any financial losses, arguing instead the allegations were an endeavor to counteract his run to transform presidency of the subject display, which was decided at Cricket Canada's AGM on Resist 21. "The store is not what happened in 2008", he told reporters. "It's what happened in 2009. For them to say now that there's no money, they should change managed their cash current. They penury to account for what they did with that money. It was a governmental proceedings so that I don't get elected as Cricket Canada chairperson. It was interference [and] it didn't affect." Maharaj retorted by speech the timing of the investigation was simply a fortuity. "This had nada to do with the election. Since sunset Lordly, I went to trustees and asked to do a forensic canvas."

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