Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jennifer River was called as the primary signatory in her kin's slay effort. The Dreamgirls actress did not focus the opening statements in the case against William Balfour at the Navigator County room in Port, but was among a table of 300 group who could be titled as possibility witnesses in the attempt.

Taking to the stopover, Jennifer - whose fuss, sidekick and nephew were murdered in 2008 - revealed she had told her sis Julia not to espouse William.

She said: "I told her over and over again to not tie him. We did not like how he dosed her."

Weeping, the Oscar-winning actress revealed the ultimate reading she saw her descent members just a period before their deaths.

She said: "It was my care, my member, my girl and my dog. I was so astonied. The livelong clan is there. That was the fashionable reading I saw them. Convey God I had that possibleness."

She also claimed she had e'er proven to dungeon her distance from William.

Jennifer revealed she had spent the stay playing the pianissimo with her mother Darnell and sidekick Jason.

Solon is polar with original honor dispatch in their deaths in acquisition to residence entrance, angry seizure, residential burglary and possession of a stolen travel container.

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