Monday, April 12, 2010

Antonio Banderas

Country performer Antonio Banderas has praised his wife and actress Melanie Filmmaker for displaying courageousness while battling dose dependency. The Mask of Zorro person wed Griffith in 1996, but their wedlock was rocked in 2007 when the past take freak became recipient on medicament pills which she was presented after a skiing occurrence, Daily Transport rumored. She was assumed to rehab penultimate twelvemonth and has now completely get ridden of her medicate wont. "(She) was and is an enthusiast. Her difficulty was the pills she took after an fortuity when she had been immaculate for numerous life. It is a seek she handles very shaft," Banderas said. The 49-year-old someone admits she is console struggling but he is nonetheless immodest of her achievements. "It is a endeavor she's safekeeping up because she's a very gay and reinforced female," Banderas other.

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