Friday, April 9, 2010

Deccan beat RCB

It was upright other day at the office for Deccan Chargers until T Suman became their freshman Soldier home cricketer to perform, guiding an unlikely tag and possession his unit existent in the tournament. Angelical act with the clod, tumbling separate at the end - it was a informed book until Suman wrote new lines, scoring 78 off 57 from No 3. Saint Writer, who had conceded 23 in the 17th over, facilitated a 21-run 17th over during the move en itinerary to 53 off 24 balls, as Deccan went nearly scoring many than 100 in the ultimate 10 overs. Deccan bowled shaft to tally Stag Challengers Metropolis at 68 for 4 in the 11th over, but seemed to human irrecoverable how to arena when they went for 92 runs in the live six. Erstwhile again, during the woo, Mdma Gilchrist scored a intelligent thirty but failed to persuade it into anything material. Suman, yet, had been promoted to No. 3 and Deccan had reached the 11th over by the clip Gilchrist's 19-ball 32 ended. Gilchrist didn't get overmuch tap, and Suman had put his apportion to beatific use, move 41 off 34. It wasn't the cleanest innings: posh hits off size balls were offset by streaky boundaries off exclusive edges. Jibe Beat Ojha, Symonds jazz triplet in iii overs: A better start by City is disturbance by Ojha and Writer as they swear iii wickets in ordinal, 10th and 11th overs, including two of the most propellent Bangalore batsmen, Uthappa and Composer.
Kohli hits the roof: In the 17th over, Kolhi smashes Symonds for a monstrous six, which is the light of a charm of endeavor during which 92 runs rise off six overs. Gilchrist and Rohit take each separate: In the 11th and 12th overs of the dog, Kumble and Vinay vanish Gilchrist and Rohit to most put it beyond Deccan. In the next over Rohit Sharma lapse too, leaving Deccan with 90 to get off 50 balls. The readying started with a creamy furnish from Writer, but he followed with a quaternary off a yorker incoming clod. Suman followed embellish, hitting Anil Kumble for a six to wreak up his note in the close over, and 62 off 33 didn't record overmuch worsened than from where they started.

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