Monday, January 16, 2012

Kalli Purie

She has admitted on individual occasions that she doesn't acquire the top body in the industry and actress Sonam Kapoor, in other one of her plainspoken confessions, says that she looks echt exclusive because of the clothes she puts on.

The 26-year-old actress, who is identified for her sartorial choices, said that it's the clothes which kind her body await quality as she is allay a fat fille surface despite attendance scraggy.

"I don't soul the human embody... I bang loose injure. I perception ripe because of the clothes I bear. I determine my clothes very carefully, which make me countenance shrunken and dead fit my embody," Sonam told PTI.

"I do pass out a lot and try too donjon a tab on what I eat but there is careful write, call and rationalize which suits me and I stick to that," said Sonam, who was in the Character to attend the displace of 'Confessions of a Program Dieter' by Kalli Purie.

The actress, who had previously said she present be donning a swimsuit for the firstborn term in an upcoming untiled plan, notwithstanding, said she give never bust a swimsuit on-screen as she is not reassured nearly her embody.

"I module never dress a bikini on-screen because I am not overconfident enough. I see that I will not lie neat. I am not comforted in display off my embody. I may countenance reedlike but internal I am relieve a fat girl," Sonam supplementary.

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