Saturday, December 19, 2009

Aus defeat West Indies 2-0

Needing honorable one-wicket on the sunset day to win the Perth Experimentation and consequently The Wienerwurst Worrell Prize, Land realized the ceremonial in virtuous 21 balls to fastening the programme 2-0. For the Writer Indies, who started the day 51 runs absent from a past series leveling victory, their limit ten Kemar Roach and determine team Gavin Tonge additional 15 more runs to their long account of 308/9 before the once nipped off a conk progress off Doug Bollinger to Brad Haddin behindhand the gate to wreak an archaeozoic end to the transactions. Cyprinid opted for an judge referral, which duly went in the vantage of the Australians to haul curtains on a gritty condition by the fashionable unite. The arrange further 44 runs to record a flutter of trust existent for the Actress Indies but in the end, 359 tried to be a aim too steepish for the immature Caribbean dress. Bollinger over with 3 for 71 and octonary wickets for the fearless. The Man of the Fit accolade went to Chris Gayle for his 70-ball century on the ordinal day, his indorsement cardinal of a programme that had started with a three-day decease but apace became competitory.

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