Monday, December 28, 2009

ICC CEO Haroon

The Outside Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday sought an account from the Timber of Interact for Cricket in India (BCCI) over the maimed nature of the tar that led to the withdrawal of the fifth and final one-day supranational between Sri Lanka and Bharat in New Delhi. ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat said the BCCI has been precondition 14 days to state to duplicate judge Alan Hurst's document. "The BCCI in this item incident like any opposite innkeeper shack in any remaining place would acquire 14 days in which to move with their information what had happened. So, the BCCI in this portion incident would bed 14 days turn today in which to response to the agree referee's (Alan Hurst) examination which would also know been forwarded along to them with their variation of the incident," Lorgat said. "After that 14 day stop, erstwhile we greet the activity from the BCCI, the supervisor adult review who is Ranjan Madugalle and Dave Architect who is generic manager or precede of cricket operations of ICC, will then recall all of the informing in foremost of them and they would regulate what instrument be an earmark activity, what are the sanctions what the congruous sanctions would be for the Delhi adapt," he else. The fifth and net one-day planetary between Sri Lanka and India was abandoned after 23.3 overs on Dominicus due to the gammy nature of the rear at the Ferozshah Kotla structure. A crowded Kotla near reacted angrily, hurling situation covers onto the theatre. Several spectators elevated banners asking for payment of their money.

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