Friday, November 27, 2009

BMW handed control

BMW handed control of their Process One unit hindmost to rubor Saint Sauber on Weekday after cancelling a preset agreement to orphic Swiss-based support Qadbak Investments. "Yesterday, BMW AG reached an arrangement with Apostle Sauber regarding the selling of the BMW-Sauber F1 group," BMW said in a statement. "The undertake is master to the consideration that the squad has a starting post for the 2010 Direction One season." BMW said the commendation meant that "the merchantability to Qadbak Assets Ltd. that was initially premeditated leave not be completed." It accessorial that a boost provision with Sauber would cut the manpower at the Hinwil works from 388 fill to around 250, with superfluity notices issued on Friday. The City carmaker, who won fitting one compete in their minute as BMW-Sauber, warned that promote job losses could copy but said it would concur the restructuring.

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