Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ganguly was penalised today for turning up

Onetime India skipper Sourav Ganguly was penalised today for turning up tardive in Bengal`s Ranji Medal mate against Saurashtra at Nirvana Gardens here. Ganguly connected his group author than an hour after the begin of their modify as he was receiving knead from the team masseur for a "aft symptom" in the forenoon. On day two of the manage with Saurashtra resuming at their overnight hit of 372 for iii, Bengal began without the ace left-hander, who was substituted by Abhishek Jhunjhunwala when the roleplay started at 9 am in the greeting. With Ganguly nowhere to be seen, Bengal became the laughing stalk for those watching the adjust as they were low to 10 players when bangtail Ashok Dinda had to result the business for one over during that period. Umpires did not consent far switch for Dinda and thusly Bengal had to do with 10 players on the tract. Agree Reader Suman Dutta of the State Cricket Relationship was not purchasable for a scuttlebutt but according to sources umpires Samir Bandekar and K Srinath "waited" for Ganguly for ternary overs before impressive a "no richness prescript" on the onetime Bharat officer. Ganguly linked at 10.10 am but for his 70 minutes absence he was blockaded from bowling as a "penalty". "He had developed a back spasm and was deed processed in the grooming area," Bengal headwaiter Manoj Tiwary said. In the post-match word, Tiwary played it thrown and refused blatantly that Ganguly was devoid for 70 transactions after the vantage of action.

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