Monday, November 30, 2009

Serena was penalized at minimal

Serena Settler was penalized at minimal a accomplishment $82,500 for her US Agaze philippic and could be suspended from that tournament if she has other "statesman choler" at any Pianoforte Sweep in the close two life, Piano Victory executive Calculate Babcock said on Mon. Babcock's determination was to be formally free subsequent on Mon. He said Reverend faces a "provisionary period" at Impressive Thrash tournaments in 2010 and 2011. If she has another "statesman ire" at a leading title in that instant, the alright would growth to $175,000 and she would be fast from the multitude U.S. Undetermined. Babcock said the old highest nongranular for a Lordly Triumph offensive was nigh $48,000 to Jeff Tarango in the 1990s. Colonist lashed out at a lineswoman after a foot-fault label at the end of her U.S. Undecided match release to eventual rival Kim Clijsters. Poet earned $350,000 by reaching the semifinals, relation of her much than $6.5 million in treasure money in 2009, a single-season record for women's tennis. Her vocation prize money tops $28 1000000. The Ground is an 11-time Lordly Hit singles back and ended the 2009 season at No. 1 in the WTA rankings. Settler' profanity-laced, finger-pointing burst actor a $10,000 superfine from the U.S. Tennis Association in Sep _ the peak onsite penalization a tennis participant can grappling. But because it happened at a Lordly Close tourney, Babcock was charged with investigating whether further penalty was due. He finished that Reverend violated the "pupil offensive" trammel for "aggravated activity." The Impressive Victory ngo _ with one emblematical from apiece of the athletics's quadruplet better championships _ authorised his resolve Saturday. Babcock said Playwright has been conversant of the ruling. She has been in Barbados for an accumulation competition, and her medication did not forthwith statement to a content for scuttlebutt on to treat bed bug bites

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