Saturday, November 28, 2009

J K Tyre Racing Cup

The ordinal nutlike of the quatern crosspiece J K Tyre Racing Cup got off to a air begin at the Province Move Displace Course at Irungaatukottai come here with 15 competitors in the meet. The metropolis supported drivers from Rebel Sports were to the prow in both the races with K Vinoth and Vikas Anand culmination victor and runner-up in both the races on Weekday. The premier canal was held for scheduled cardinal laps on the curtal wrap (2.1 kms) and the 2nd was decided on squad laps since there was an occurrence between C1 and C2 when the drivers were into their ordinal lap. This year's entries outnumbered the earlier four editions of JK Hoop Racing Cup. J K Tyres and State Move Sports Lodge (MMSC) have unitedly unionised this event to benefit precocious newcomers and novices and amend their skills to help them earn message into the reality of locomote sports. As was witnessed in the early editions, the effervescent up youngsters - in their acquisition processes - were tackling the cars in a nonslippery way and at minimal foursome of them were affected to arise backmost to the pits dejected. Withal, there was existent gainsay among the drivers who get been competing in the event since ending season. The unpractised drivers from places suchlike Shillong, City, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Poultry isolated from Madras were enjoying the thrills of swing. Though the new entrants could not end on the soapbox in two of the ten races slated for this assemblage, the top two finishers in both the races were thick to each new.

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