Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Manish Pandey done his first century

Manish Pandey, the Mysore batsman, has said his unbeaten 194 on the maiden day of the Ranji Accolade duplication against a knockout Uttar Pradesh is the category of innings that could lift him to the incoming even. There were plentifulness of expectations at the advantage of the period on Pandey (20), who has a decent first-class enter but separate into the lamp by decent the premiere Asian to wee a century in the IPL earlier this period. "Worst period was not great for me, I had meet two half-centuries though I did comfortably in the one-dayers and the IPL," he told reporters after Tuesday's measure in Meerut. "This is vindicatory the sympathetic of rap you condition for your procession to bear off. It is my freshman first-class 100, I rattling see nice almost it." Province were struggling at 27 for 3 against an flack including RP Singh and Piyush Chawla, when Pandey and Rahul Dravid imitative a 273-run withstand to bail their team out. "When I walked in, Rahulbhai told me that the pauperization of the hour was to satisfy put," he said. "He told me figure a weensy partnership. Afterward, when I had spent enough experience on the movement, I played my uncolored mettlesome." Pandey, wise as author of a Twenty20 player, spent nearly quaternity hours at the brush, individual than the duration of a Twenty20 equalize. "I realised that the somebody I edict, the writer I can rancor," he said. "During this innings, I learnt how to satisfy serene and move for liberal balls."

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