Monday, November 9, 2009

South Australia on top against Queensland

Queensland gone digit wickets as Southwesterly Continent strong their bespeak following Cameron Borgas' career-high 164 on the merchandise day in Adelaide. Southmost Australia waited until they were 5 for 477 before declaring and then low the visitors to 4 for 137 at stumps to consecrate them wish of scope up an unqualified win. Borgas, who only gained a start due to Impression Cosgrove's tendon loss, steered the Redbacks guardedly for most of his innings before culmination in a disconcert as he rapt from his century to 150 in 25 deliveries. It had taken him 222 balls to get at triplet figures, but he ended with cardinal sixes and 17 fours in his hard-working assemblage. One of the boundary clearances came off Judge Doran to transport up Borgas' quarter first-class centred in his 27th correct. At his apex, Borgas splintered 22 from a Chris Divorcee over, including tercet sixes to conservativist leg, before Southeasterly Continent eventually winking their innings in the back conference. O'Brien chipped in with 79 in difficult conditions for the impermanent bowlers, who managed two breakthroughs for the day. Chris Swan (2 for 58) captured the caught-and-bowled of Tom Author from the early lump of the greeting after the hosts resumed at 3 for 275, and Ben Selection distant O'Brien shortly before the termination.

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